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As of March 2015, is a collection of Sunyee's favorite lesson plans, worksheets, and unit plans designed for the classroom.

The lessons primary focus on junior high and middle school students. However the lesson plans can easily be adjusted for 5th grade to 9th grade.

Sunyee has created multiple Project-Based Learning (PBL) lessons in her classroom. In fact, her Master's Thesis is on Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of Google Drive on Student Motivation and Engagement through the use of a Project Based Learning (PBL) Framework.

Feel free to look around.

My Lesson & Unit Design Portfolio

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Master's Thesis

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Sunyee @ Designcove is also a small website hosting service provider, designer, and consultant for various websites, especially educational websites. For example, and are both hosted on the same servers as Designcove. An example of a non-educational website is:

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