Education Resources

Here’s a list of helpful online resources used inside my classroom:

Banzai Financial Literacy – Very life-like introduction to financial literacy. Students learn how to read paychecks, receipts, and bank statements. The new version now has a role-playing scenario on how to save for college.

EduType – A terrific typing program, however it is only free for 90 days. It has no ads and offers more options for teachers to choose specialized lessons for students. Graphics are better and the lessons are easier to understand for younger students.

Everfi – Ignition – A great Internet Literacy Unit that is all web-based. Very visual and user-friendly. Great for 4th to 9th grade. Takes about 3 weeks to complete in a 45 minute class period.

Everfi – Venture – A great introduction to entrepreneurship. Students create and run their own food truck business. They are in charge of marketing, hiring, and pricing. All web-based. Great for 8th grade and higher. Takes about 1to 2 weeks in a 45 minute class period.

Everfi – Other – A list of Everfi online programs that are available sorted by grade level, content, and time to complete the programs.

Sunyee’s Assistive Technology Links – I created a special toolkit for assistive technology for my master’s program.

TenMarks Math Madness – A math program targetted towards Common Core math. It allows the teachers to select the math lessons by content level. Students can be given assignments by the teacher with a set due date OR students can work at their own pace at the Jam Sessions level. First student class set up by the teacher is free.

TouchDevelop – Microsoft’s Hour of Coding tutorials. A teacher account can help create a “group” for student accounts so the entire class can see each other’s progress. All users must use a type of login to create accounts, such as Google account or Microsoft account. Tutorials for coding range from beginners to expert. Terrific for grades 8 to 12.

Typing Web – A free typing program that contains ads. Lessons are longer but it helps to build perseverance. It is great for older students. I have seen great improvements from students willing to complete the lessons.

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