About Sunny

Greetings!  I’m the webmaster of Designcove.com.  I’ve been creating webpages as a hobby since 1995. It was a great way to earn some extra cash for college.

My current day job is a full-time credentialed teacher in the state of California. I’m also the creator and webmaster of MrsChang.com and TechVoices.  

I was born in Taiwan but spent most of my time in the OC.  I took many CTE classes in junior high, such as robotics, programming, and electronic publishing.  In high school, I took two full years of Electronics.  It was a terrific experience where I learned how to solder, create, and assemble motherboards with diodes and other hardware components.

After high school, I attended UCLA and earned an undergraduate degree in Economics.  After working at a law firm for two years after I graduated college, I decided it was time to pursue my teaching credential from CSUF in Business, a minor in Math, and a CLAD.   

Then life happened and I had two beautiful daughters.  When my youngest was barely a year old, I decided to attend Concordia and earned my Masters in Educational Technology.  

Of course, this was not the end.  In 2018, I continued my professional development and earned a CTE Credential in three subjects:  1)  Design, Visual, and Media Arts2) Business Finance, and 3) Information and Communication Technologies.

Now in 2020, I am pursuing a National Board Certification (NBCT) to further my professional development.

With over 15+ years of teaching experience in public schools I have also spent a few years teaching reading, math, and technology skills in my private after-school tutoring sessions and  summer school sessions.

My favorite way to relax is watching movies and TV series, listening to Cpop and Jpop, and spending time with my two adorable daughters.

Sunny (aka: Mrs. Chang)
To contact me, use Instagram or email.

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