2018 Summer Tech Tutoring Registration

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2018 Summer Tech Tutoring Registration

Space is limited to 4 students for each session.

Students must between the ages of 6 to 12, and have completed at least one year in IUSD in order to enroll.

Students will be expected to use their IUSD Google accounts to make the technology applicable to their school work.

*** All students will receive a solid foundation in keyboarding before they proceed to the other subjects. 

Note: The technique of how to teach typing has been discontinued at the credential level.  Ms. Sunyee was one of the last group of teachers to receive a Business Credential which included the subject of keyboarding.  Most tech camps or classrooms have the students teach themselves how to type!  Which is like asking all swimmers to teach themselves how to swim.  At my tech tutoring sessions, I use strategies taught in my credential classes plus 13 years of experience teaching the skill of keyboarding to help your child master the keyboard.

If you’re interested, please see the schedule below:

Starts:  June 14, 2018  – Thursday
Ends: July 3, 2018 – Tuesday

1pm to 3pm session – available – $300
1pm to 3pm session – available – $300

3pm to 5pm session – available – $300
3pm to 5pm session – reserved

1pm to 5pm session with Pickup + after-class care to 6pm – reserved

To reserve your spot, please email me at [email protected] or text me at 949-385-3399.  Thank you.

For more information,  click here.

To see prior student work, click here.

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